Optimization Learning Plan

Optimization Learning Plan

This is a subset of the Optical System Design learning plan created specifically for a deep dive into optimization. Starting with the example of a simple singlet, this Learning Plan explains how to perform an optimization in OpticStudio. Assumes a background in optics and in the use of OpticStudio.

This subset of the Optical System Learning Plan learning plan consists of 2 courses [+2 additional courses for the getting started course and the final exam], covering 1 day worth of material.
The purchase of this learning plan gives you access to the online training platform for 10 calendar days.
The trainee is assumed to have a background with Zemax OpticStudio in system set up and analyses, and if not, we recommend the Optical System Learning Plan

Training objectives:

  • Configure a system with variables and define an appropriate merit function 
  • Recognize when to use a solve instead of a variable 
  • Articulate the differences between different optimization algorithms  
  • Select the best algorithm for each stage in the design process 
  • List the factors affecting optimization outcomes
  • Recognize when a system’s performance has reached its limit and add “degrees of freedom” to continue to improve performance 

Courses included in this learning plan: